2022 Event Cancelled

We hope to see you in 2023

The Heart of the Wolds Cycle Sportive is firmly established as one of the best cycle sportives in Yorkshire!

Starting off from the historic market town of Driffield, all the routes take in the unrivaled scenery of the Yorkshire Wolds.

We offer four routes to accommodate all levels of cyclist looking for their next challenge.

We have three firmly established rides, including The Langtoft Loop, aimed at people new to cycling or occasional cyclists (23 miles – 37km). The Classic, which is ideal for regular cyclists and fit non-cyclists who enjoy a challenge (62 miles – 100km). The  Challenge which is aimed at regular cyclists who want to challenge themselves (83 miles – 134km)  and then we have The Centurion, a newer route in recent years aimed at those riders who want to push themselves to the limit (100 mile – 161km).


Miles 100

(161 Km)Climbing: 1464m

Difficulty: Very Hard

Time: 7-8 hours

For: Strong club cyclists



Miles 83

(134 Km)Climbing: 1160m

Difficulty: Hard

Time: 6 hours

For; Regular cyclists who enjoy a challenge



Miles 62

(100 Km)Climbing: 841m

Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

Time: 4 – 4.5hours

For: Regular cyclists who enjoy a challenge


Langtoft Loop

Miles 23

(37 Km)Climbing: 291m

Difficulty: Beginners/Easy

Time: 2 hours

For: People new to cycling or occasional cyclists


THE CENTURION (161 km / 100 miles)

Riding 100 miles in a day is a great milestone for any cyclist and this years 100 mile route is a real challenge.

The route takes in the full vista of the Yorkshire Wolds countryside which has proved so popular with our riders over the history of our event. The route follows a route that will see riders head onto the flat agricultural land south east of Driffield. The pretty villages of North Frodingham, Kelk and Lowthorpe will be a revelation to many riders, unused to this normally overlooked cycling area.

Once past Ruston Parva, you rejoin the sportive routes, but whereas these riders will be fresh, you will have had a good hour already in your legs. Only another 75 miles to glory…!

Distance: 161 km / 100 miles

Elevation: 1460m

Start Window Time: 0800


See The Centurion on Google Maps. Click on image to view.

Download Route Map (GPX) (Link takes you to Map My Ride from where you can download GPX)

THE CHALLENGE (134 km / 83 miles)

Our Challenge route aims to do exactly what it says on the tin and, with nearly 1200 metres of climbing and a regular series of ascents and descents throughout, this course is for those riders who relish a hard day in the saddle.

The route follows both the Langtoft Loop and Classic courses so participants can get the best aspects from these two routes, but when you reach Huggate, while the Classic competitors head home for a well earned rest, you will still have another 50km of cycling to do, with some long climbs out of all the villages you pass through (Warter, North Dalton, Wetwang and Sledmere).

The rewards though are great with some breath-taking vistas and many features of local interest from crossing ancient Roman roads to passing the exact spot where David Hockney painted his largest ever painting, Bigger Trees near Warter.

Distance: 134 km / 83 miles

Elevation: 1160m

Start Window Time: 8.30am-9.30am


See Challenge Route on Google Maps. Click on image to view.

Download Route Map (GPX) (Link takes you to Map My Ride from where you can download GPX)

THE CLASSIC (100 km / 62 miles)

Our Classic route is a real tour de force of the highest sections of the Wolds, offering a stern physical challenge to cyclists of most abilities as well as breathtaking scenery from the rolling peaks.

After the modest hills around the Great Wolds Valley, the route past Sledmere sees both climbs and descents increase in severity and your bike handling will be tested at various points. The rewards though for these endeavours are substantial with most of this route along largely traffic free single lane roads which wind along deep dales giving a sense of freedom and joy.

The sections into Thixendale and out of Millington are to be particularly savoured. After Huggate you will be grateful for the long descent back into Driffield and a well earned rest.

Distance: 100 km / 62 miles

Elevation: 841m

Start Window Time: 9.30am-10.00am


See Classic Route on Google Maps. Click on image to view.

Download Route Map (GPX) (Link takes you to Map My Ride from where you can download GPX)


THE LANGTOFT LOOP (37 km / 23 miles)

Our entry level route is a fine introduction to this part of the Wolds and is designed for fit families or those new to cycling. The landscape is characterised by gently undulating agricultural scenery, full of wide fields ploughed in neat lines and separated by knotty hawthorn hedges. The route takes you through the former important market town of Kilham before cutting back to Langtoft, on the road from Driffield.

Just beyond Langtoft and along the Sledmere Road, is the route’s major climb which will be a test of your stamina. After this you arrive at a major B road before turning down past the deserted medieval village of Cowlam from whose heights you have great views across the Wolds and down to Driffield.

The long meandering descent takes you down pleasantly into Driffield, but watch out for the short sharp uphill section which will catch you unawares!

Distance: 37 km / 23 miles

Elevation: 291m

Start Window Time: 10.30am-11.00am


See Langtoft Loop on Google Maps. Click on image to view.

Download Route Map (GPX) (Link takes you to Map My Ride from where you can download GPX)



We are grateful to a number of organisations for assisting with the preparation and delivery of the Heart of the Wolds Cycle Sportive.